Ongoing programs

Art Pals

Art Pals presents an opportunity for kids to create photographic art in an entirely new way – slowly, intentionally, and with purpose, while connecting to friends in another place and context. Participating kids will come from communities in Miami and Puerto Rico. They will receive an introductory course in photography explaining basic principals, as well as a disposable camera to capture the chosen theme. Every time they go out and shoot, they will write about how they feel and why they took the particular photograph’s in that moment. They will also provide constructive criticism to their program peers, an opportunity to ask questions, comment and interpret the received image, learning not only to create new art but also to absorb and consume the art of others. Weekly supervision from our mentors will be honored in order to assure continuation of project. This interchange of images and words is an opportunity for children to connect through pen, paper and photo. Read more here.


The capoeira program runs for one hour per week and is subdivided into two programs:

  • Criança de Ouro provides capoeira classes for children aged 4 to 12 years old
  • Mamacitas de Ouro provides capoeira and self-defense elements to vulnerable women in violence-prone communities


Children are introduced to music through different rhythmical art form as part of their capoeira training. These include the maculelê dance, percussions and songs.


Mundo Art features Samba Axe: a dance rooted in African rhythms that infuses the soul with positive energy. Open to children and adults of all ages.

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The photography and film program aims to teach children to document their daily lives and Mundo Art activities, creating environments of candid images. The photography program will run weekly for one hour per week.

Mundo Art will host monthly projections and exhibitions of the photography and art produced by the students of the program. Mundo Art will also publish the works on the web, to give international exposure to the creations of its children. A yearly photography book will also be produced, featuring original texts by the community children.


The painting program aims to incorporate recycling of existing material, restoration and embellishment of damaged objects and advanced drawing and painting techniques.