Puerto Rico

community in Puerto Rico

MundoArt has had the opportunity to expand our horizons by collaborating with organizations in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Soon we’ll be collaborating to bring you a new program in Puerto Rico: Art Pals!

Participating youth in Miami and Puerto Rico will receive an introductory course in photography explaining basic principals, as well as a disposable camera to capture the chosen theme. After this introduction, they will receive weekly support and supervision from our mentors to assure successful continuation of the project. Every time they go out and shoot, they will write about how they feel and why they took that particular photograph’s in that moment. They will also provide constructive criticism to their program peers, an opportunity to ask questions, comment and interpret the received image. This way, they will learn not only to create new art but also to absorb and consume the art of others. This exchange of images and words is an opportunity for children to connect through pen, paper and photo.

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