News & events

Mundo Art organizes art and photography exhibits, movie nights, dance performances and fundraising events throughout the year. Stay tuned to find out what comes next!

Here are a few of our 2018 highlights:

Vim no Balanço do Mar featured children’s depictions of the African roots of capoeira. Most artists focused on how Africans were brought to Brazil as slaves by boats, and the deep sadness they experienced.

Vim no Balanço do Mar is a capoeira song that they children sing in class — a reminder of how this art form came to be.

Thank you for your generous donations! All proceeds will go towards materials for the art program and scholarship for kids to attend capoeira and other Mundo Art classes in 2019.
MundoArt Social Media Flyer Thank you for coming and donating at our first fundraiser. With your generous support, five children were able to receive scholarships to attend capoeira in the Mundo Art capoeira Academy in 2018.
The 2018 Batizado allowed children from the programs to play with Cordão de Ouro mestres and receive their first capoeira cords or advance to the next level!