About us

Mundo Art is a nonprofit organization that works with children and adults in Miami communities to expose them to international art forms.

We are motivated by the power of art to enrich entire families. As a tool to enhance creativity and create self-discipline, art develops the skills needed to tackle life challenges. For this reason, we believe that our programs can truly transform the lives the communities we serve, who have traditionally had less access to cultural experiences and to the growing artistic innovation that surrounds them in Miami. We aim to provide education not only in art techniques from around the world, but also in the entire cultural context of world music, movement, history, and languages.

Mission statement

Mundo Art empowers children and adults by teaching and sharing international art forms, engaging minds, hearts and bodies, and opening avenues of opportunity for young artists.


  1. Mundo Art expands our existing capoeira outreach program, in which physical movement is paired with artistic tradition to help establish a healthy, active lifestyle. Research has shown that daily exercise and activity reduces depression and anxiety, and helps avoid disease while strengthening muscle joints and bones for strong, healthy bodies.
  2. Mundo Art aims to reach 500 children and their families in three communities:
    • Little Haiti
    • Little Havana
    • Overtown
  3. Mundo Art connects with existing art programs in Miami communities to form effective partnerships and better serve children and their families.
  4. Special attention is always given to respecting the environment, by demonstrating the importance of the green movement, using recycled materials in visual arts projects and promoting reusing, recycling, and donating of unused items.
  5. Our goal is to evolve and grow our outreach capacities by frequently performing and exhibiting the work that develops in our programs, including the elaboration of special events tailored to the needs of our communities.


A team of passionate volunteers is the foundation of Mundo Art and at the heart of its work. Our volunteers help in all aspects of the organization’s management, such as outreach, social and web presence, teaching and coaching, fundraising, etc.

Executive Board

Mundo Art’s Executive Board is composed of:

  • Nicole Maddalozzo (Instructora Rebelde)
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Marie Vickles
  • Anna Manikowska Di Giovanni

How to get involved

Do you have a special interest in artistic activities or a talent you would like to share with our children? Do you have a managerial skill and would like to contribute your time to further our mission? We are grateful for any amount of your generous contribution that will help us grow.

Mundo Art is also seeking financial support and donations to expand our diverse educational art programs including capoeira, photography, music and painting, acquire materials for its activities and finance scholarships for its students.

If you wish to volunteer, become a sponsor, or donate, please contact rebeldecdo@gmail.com or call .

We are working on setting up our official donation portal – check back soon!